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Cady Hammer

Cady Hammer is the author of Chasing Fae, a young adult epic fantasy novel. Raised in Charlotte, NC for most of her life, Cady was always an imaginative child. From the very beginning, she wanted to read and absorb as much wonder as she could. Her first word was “again”, as in “please read me this giant anthology of Disney stories to me again.” She tired everyone out with her voracious reading, from her parents who couldn’t wait until she started to read on her own (at the age of 2) to her elementary school teachers who couldn’t believe that she had read every book in the entire classroom in less than half a year.

Cady spent much of her childhood coming up with stories and plays to put on with her friends and her younger sister, Morgan. Everything from a story about a girl locked in a tower that she and her friends performed in the sandbox, to Uglydoll stories amid the highest playground structure, and plenty of doll plays with her sister (though Cady will never take credit for the few she came up; she prefers to let people think Morgan is the only one with the crazy ideas). She wrote her first novel when she was eleven years old in between classes and during her lunch period (a piece of work that will never again see the light of day), and since then, she has been determined to publish a book someday. She constantly toyed around with ideas from contemporary romance to dramatic adventure stories until she finally settled on writing a fantasy novel, which really, she always knew would eventually be her desired genre.

Cady graduated from Charlotte Latin School in 2018 after 13 years of K-12 schooling with such accolades to her name as actor, violinist, academic, slightly honored writer and writer/director of a single one-act play that is one of her proudest achievements. Now, she spends her time at the College of William and Mary pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in History and minoring in Anthropology (and pursuing a museum studies certificate just to make things interesting for herself). There, she slowly begins to grow into her own, feeling more and more comfortable with being a silly, sarcastic, and overall fun person that she has discovered herself to be.

Favorite Authors: Sarah J. Maas, J.K Rowling, Cassandra Clare, Alexandra Bracken, Rick Riordan, Ridley Pearson, Brendan Reichs

Fangirl of: Disney (everything Disney), Panic at the Disco, Once Upon A Time, American Horror Story, NCIS, Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, A Court of Thorns and Roses, Lindsey Stirling

Loves: Writing (duh), Reading (also duh), Ballroom Dance, Theater (performing and viewing), Music, Phi Sigma Pi, Family History Research

Also Loves: My loving family, my fabulous friends, and my wonderful boyfriend, Daniel.

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Chasing Fae Press Release – 8/1/20

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