Character Profile: Grace

Credits to the brilliant Skye Kelrose for this piece!

Grace Andrea Richardson

Age: 19

Hometown: Lisden, Middle Realm

Physical appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, average height, slim and athletic build

Objective: Find out how and why her brother died

Grace has had a rough year. Her older brother, Leo Richardson, who has always been her best friend and only rock was suddenly killed in a mysterious accident in the Upper Realm. When the Fae didn’t step up to assist with a military burial, Grace and her mother, Amelia Richardson, drove themselves nearly into debt to give Leo a funeral he deserved. Grace has been the main provider for the family since then, using her impressive talent for the violin to dazzle and astound the upper classes.

When she’s not performing, Grace has been preparing to take matters into her own hands, sneaking into the Upper Realm. Bold, brave, and stubborn as hell, Grace has spent countless hours sparring, training, building up her pain tolerance, and collecting supplies from both the Middle Realm and the Upper Realm off of the black market. Now, all she has to do is wait for the perfect moment to make her move.

Vengeance will be hers, no matter the cost.

2 thoughts on “Character Profile: Grace

  1. Hi Cady, I really like the description of Grace! I have 2 questions

    1. Was she based off of anyone or any experience in your life?

    2. If you could choose a song to describe her, what would it be?

    Thanks. I love you!
    Your sister,
    Morgan (Moo)

    1. Hi Morgan! Great questions.

      1. Grace isn’t based off anyone in particular that I know in my life. I wanted her to be an abnormally stubborn character with strong prejudices even though she is a good person at heart. I think it sets up an interesting contrast about the kind of people we are on the inside and how far we are willing to go to seek the truth about the people and things that matter to us.

      2. Although instrumental, I would say Master of Tides by Lindsey Stirling. It’s a song that creeps up on you and then steals your breath away when the speed picks up. I see Grace as exactly that: someone who you don’t see coming, but will undoubtedly prove herself to you the second she gains the confidence to.

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